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Travel Today

Travel is not as fun as it used to be.

The level of service received is on a continued downward trend and since the pandemic, that trend seems to have accelerated.

We are now faced with a myriad of fare combinations and excess charges that were not here a few years ago. Flights cancel at the drop of a hat. Weather systems plague networks forcing cancelled connections. Brand new aircraft have “technical difficulties” all too often. Rebooking help is non-existent and travelers constantly feel they are on their own and rely on frequent flyer programs for a semblance of “help” only to find that when help is needed, it simply isn’t there.

This “unseen” cost of missing meetings, unneeded flight expenses, meals and hotel costs are all hitting the business bottom line.
The traveler is left to “grasp” at straws in order to try and make a trip work. They often wonder will they will get to see the customer or see their family or make it home for the weekend, as was originally planned.

IWMT understands this and has developed programs to pro-actively monitor flight delays and cancellations. This in turn helps reduce the overall trip cost for the Business but also helps the traveler get to their destination, meetings and back home. This service is included on every reservation we handle. Coupled with our unique insurance program we make sure that trip costs stay to budget and the Business satisfies its duty of care for its employee. In turn, the employee satisfaction rises as they know someone is watching out for them every step of the way.

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