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Duty of Care

During the pandemic, IWMT implemented even more procedures so that duty of care comes to the forefront of what we do. We have several programs in place at this time.

Every trip is monitored in real time to ensure the traveler makes it to their destination(s) and returns home again. IWMT proactively monitors and makes any necessary changes to the trip to ensure this.

Weather patterns and civil unrest patterns are monitored on a continual basis. Nominated individuals can receive updates from us including : US State Department, UK FCO, Weather issues, border closures and health updates to name a few. IWMT monitors all these sources in an ongoing manner.

Should an event arise, IWMT can identify any affected travelers who are “during travel” buy a variety of means available. We can do a spectra to find affected bookings, Grasp data can be used and we also can use safepoint, as shown in the hypothetical example below:


Travelers are automatically contacted by the Tripcase app which allows a “check in function” via email , text or via the app itself:


Your travel policy will be followed in the event of such an emergency.

IWMT will then act by booking back-up flights, hotel accommodations or other transportation as needed for our affected clients.

We take our duty to you very seriously and do all in power to make sure that travelers are advised and monitored each step of the way.

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