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Data Protection

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. In our business we have to ask for some data to be stored so that we can perform our functions in as seamless way as possible. We therefore ask for frequent users to submit data to us through our secure server. If you are a single entity user, then your data will not be sent to any other corporation or business. If you are an employee or subcontractor of a company, be advised that your data and travel habits can be sent to your employer as part of data reports that they have requested as part of their travel policy.

As a travel agency, “I Want My Travel” (IWMT) collects, processes and secures personal data which is provided to IWMT, in order for IWMT to make the necessary reservations in relation to travel plans (“travel data”). The travel data includes such information as : name, address, email address, credit card information, travel destinations, travel schedules and travel profile (including preferences for seat assignments, meals, class of service and smoking or non smoking accommodations)

As a user of our services you give explicit consent to IWMT for the collecting, handling and processing of travel data on the understanding that it will only be used for travel purposes. You , the user, further agree that IWMT may transfer the travel data to the following:

  1. The various travel suppliers (including airlines, hotels, car rentals etc) and the global distribution system providers for the purpose of making the reservations for your requested travel plans

  2. Your employer, at its request, on your business travel plans, and as part of the management information reports (such as consolidating your travel data to summarize and analyze travel trends, expenditure & compliance with travel policy)

  3. Third parties (inside or outside the USA) for the purpose of making reservations for your travel plans.

  4. Government agencies as dictated by the US office of Homeland security as necessary for Immigration procedures and their equivalent bodies when travelling to foreign countries.

  5. The IWMT database.


Your consent is based upon the assumption that IWMT:

  1. Meets the requirement of data protection laws of the USA

  2. Applies the travel policy of your employer.

  3. Takes the necessary measures to ensure that any party handling the travel data outside of such countries agrees in writing to comply with the data protection laws concerned because other countries may not have similar laws

  4. IWMT will not keep travel data any longer than is necessary


Where you leave a question unanswered on the Traveller Profile form, you do not want to provide the requested information, in which case IWMT will not know your personal travel preferences and may not be able to provide certain services to you.

By submitting a traveller profile, you agree that you shall at all times provide correct information and shall update the information as necessary in writing to us.

At your request, IWMT will provide you with a copy of the travel data and shall make changes to the data on your written instructions.

It is understood by you, that you can contact IWMT regarding this policy at any time during regular business hours.

You understand a copy of this statement will be posted on the IWMT website and that it might be updated from time to time.

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